[Podcasts] The Story of You: The intertwining relationship between art and tech

We talk with MeshMinds Founder Kay Vasey about how they formed a creative innovation lab to raise awareness about global issues and how to measure the results from impact investing.

MeshMinds selects artists and puts them through a mentorship and workshop programme with technologists. The programme equips them with new skills to create content using the new technologies introduced- think VR, AR, 3D printing and Internet of Things replacing the canvas for artists to create a work. The creations from their first four-month workshop are being showcased at the ArtScience Museum in Singapore until February 2. More info…

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[Podcasts] What’s The Story: The Future of Work

How the co-working space 1880 built a brand, creates conversations and plans to help entrepreneurs in North Korea.

The future is here. In our first episode, we look at the gorgeously designed members club and co-working space in Singapore, 1880. We chat with the club’s co-founder Luke Jones to understand what went into the conceptualizing and making of this unique space—where work, play and wellness co-exist effortlessly.

You can move from a meeting in the conference room to a yoga class in the studio and finish the day with an old-fashioned drink at the bar- it’s all in day’s work in 2018. Have we entered an era where the lines between our personal and professional worlds have blurred and integrated? How does this affect productivity? More info…

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