What’s The Story collaborated with Power To Yu, a new wellness space, for a holiday workshop, where children were given an opportunity to express themselves through creative writing, drawing, journaling, mindfulness and storytelling in fun and imaginative ways.

Our goal–to enable children to become more positive, mindful and confident by exposing them to different creative channels of expression and tools to harness that creativity. I titled the workshop after one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books, Oh! The Places You’ll Go! I love the message of the book—that YOU alone will decide where to go in life and have the power to do it. Bold, empowering and beautifully written—the book is ageless and timeless. We read the Dr. Seuss masterpiece and many other books to draw positive inspiration from classic and contemporary children’s literature so they could tap into, explore and develop their own unique ideas into a story. It was a pleasure to see them get inspired by the stories as they filled up the Ideas Jar to the brim after the first session in the workshop.

I introduced them to the basic elements of constructing a story. The children had to string these elements together through drawing and words on their storyboards. Once ready, they presented their storyboards to the group and came up with suitable titles.

I also introduced them to the concept of journaling, so they could tell their own story in a unique and interesting way that appeals individually to them. Since it was the start of the New Year, the theme I chose was “2017 is going to be awesome”. The children brought magazine and newspaper cutouts of things they wanted to do more of or improve on this year. It was beautiful to see the things they cared about and wanted to explore more of —different foods, being on time, travelling, relaxing, creating art and striving to get better at doing certain activities they enjoy.

What’s The Story is is thrilled to start building niche workshops for children from the ages of 6-12.

I look forward to more collaborations with Power To Yu in the inspirational space it has to offer.

“You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day!” Dr. Seuss.