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I started What's The Story (WTS) to offer creative content for businesses, social enterprises, journalistic outlets and brands. WTS aims to reach the right audience through effective storytelling, communications strategies and digital PR content on multiple platforms. Having previously produced and reported for Reuters Television for almost a decade, I combine my journalistic skills with my communications expertise to bring a poignant story to your content.

Singapore grows up

Once known as one of Asia's cleanest, most child-friendly, and least exciting cities, Singapore is now becoming a sexy, sophisticated destination.

How to explore Singapore with kids

Singapore is known for its cleanliness, green stretches and fantastic infrastructure, all of which make it ideal for families and children. From stroller-friendly access to parks and museums, convenient nursing and diaper changing rooms in most malls to play areas in restaurants.

6 Singapore experiences for the brave

Shooting at one another with (non-toxic, biodegradable) paints in a simulated battlefield—and other natural terrains—is not only lots of fun but also makes for a great workout. You’ll run through multi-tiered fields dotted with a variety of obstacles.

Singapore Embraces Barter

It isn't your typical mode of business, but as the recession bites, many people and enterprises in Singapore are turning to the age-old practice of barter to pay bills and cut costs.

What’s hot on Singapore’s shopping scene

Singapore is almost 50—it’s young, confident after years of being a work in progress. Matching the pulse of the nation, the creative energies of the local designers are also at their peak as they have grown with the city. Their work reflects the energy and landscape of their dynamic, multicultural environment.