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/Digital Marketing Campaign Stories

Connecting the Dots: Thinking Big with Big Data

It’s Monday and the lethargy from the heady weekend mix of hawker food and alcohol is kicking in. On your way to work, you browse your favourite food delivery app to figure out what to order for breakfast.

How to Fit Your Workout Into Your Work Day

Working out is always a great way to prepare your heart and mind for a busy workweek. But what routine works best for busy professionals? India @Work hits the gym to find out.

7 Steps to Workday Eating

India’s smartest workers start with a critical tool for productivity — their refrigerator. India @Work looks at seven secrets to optimise your food planning for better focus in the office.

What’s your X-factor? Standing Out From the Pack for Career Advancement

Dare to be different — your career will thank you for it. Here’s how to stand out from the crowd.

Five Minutes with Motivational Expert Shiv Khera

India’s leading motivational speaker and workplace expert, Shiv Khera talks to India @Work about how our own attitudes and leadership qualities affect our team.

Revolutionise Your Sleep Patterns

Think less and sleep more. It’s the kind of advice we always wished for at school, yet it’s something that those who study our sleep are serious about. Simply put, improve your sleep and everything else will work better for you.

Find Your Purpose-Driven Career

Swap big pay checks for big dreams, and you can make your career into the most fulfilling part of your life.